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TGCE is proud of having a library with more than 13000 books. It remains open on all the working days of the College from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and books are issued during this period. It has a Reading Room, Reference Section and Journal Section for the benefit of the trainees and staff.


Electronic Lab  

In order to meet the requirement of Digital Electronics and Microprocessor for the trainees of Computer Science, a well-equipped electronic lab is functioning in the College. It has 4 working tables with Microprocessor kit where 12 trainees can work at a time.


Psychology Lab  

To conduct experiments in psychology a well-equipped psychology lab is functioning in the College with all modern equipment apparatus, tests and experiments.



Language Lab  
A Language Lab for use of 20 students at a time has been made functional recently to bring out the language learning abilities of the trainees and make them competent to the language.



Computer Lab  
TGCE has two Computer Labs. Computer Lab-I is equipped with around 30 computers and Lab-II is with 12 computers to make the trainees savvy with computer technology.



General Science Lab  

It has science equipment, models, charts required for imparting training up to secondary class



Multipurpose Lab  

It provides training to prepare Teaching Learning Materials from waste materials.



Microteaching Lab/Smart Classroom  

The College has a separate Microteaching Lab cum-Smart Classroomwhere trainees are given training to develop various teaching skills individually. It is also used as a Smart Classroom where trainees are exposed to digital teaching.




The College has separate internet room for the benefit of the trainees and staff with leased line connection.



Audio Visual Hall  

The AV Hall of the College is equipped with all modern equipment required for training purpose. It can accommodate and give training to 50 participants at a time.



Cooperative Society  

The Tagore College Staff & Trainees Welfare Cooperative Society is registered under the Cooperative Society’s Registration Act and provides stationery and light refreshments at concessional rates to the trainees and staff.



Teachers’ Gallery & Museum  

It provides glimpse of the teachers who worked in the past in these islands and also collection of various photographs and educational materials.



Seminar Gallery and Conference Hall  

The College Seminar Gallery has a seating capacity of 200 trainees equipped with modern equipment. Similarly the Conference Hall of the College can accommodate 40 participants at a time. It is also equipped with all modern equipment.



Physical Education  

The department of Physical Education offers facilities for various games such as table tennis, gymnasium, volleyball court, badminton court.



Teaching Internship  

The Teaching Internship Programme for the B.Ed. trainees is a regular feature in the annual academic activities that is held in two phases. During internship the trainees are sent to schools in and around Port Blair where they take part in all the activities of the school to enrich their school experience and participation under the supervision of the Head and the practicing teachers of the Institutions.


Annual Camp  

The Annual Training Camp is yet another annual feature of the academic activities of TGCE. The trainees attend a five day Annual Camp and they are provided exposure to First Aid, Traffic rules and Safety, Scout and Guides, Environmental Education and Fire Fighting etc. Trainees are also taken to rural area and conduct house surveys and also create awareness among the masses on social evils such as Alcoholism, Illiteracy, Child labour etc.

Study Tours  

The Annual Study tours are yet another feature of TGCE in which the trainees are taken to various places of historical and environmental importance where they gain first hand experience about the history of these Islands. They also visit rural schools and learn about the teaching learning process over there. Seminars, debates and Symposiums are regularly conducted at TGCE in which the trainees participate enthusiastically and get exposure to develop their various Teaching, Learning skills.

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